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Jul 04 2012

Institute…Well into Week 2

If you are thinking about joining TFA and are placed in institute over the 4th of July, just be aware that doesn’t mean a holiday.  We had to attend sessions this morning and then the afternoon is for planning.  I did take a 3 hour drive to get out of Philly for a bit but other than that it is work work work.  My lesson plan for tomorrow is about done.  Just have to finish one last thing and I’m good to go.

Is institute as hard as everyone says?  Yes and no.  Lesson planning is a bit of a pain but a small part of me enjoys thinking up activities.  The first day was rough but that is because I finished my lesson too soon and had to improvise…I think in time I will definitely figure it out.  Also working with others is a blessing and a curse.  I want to get my stuff done but on the other hand it is nice to have others to work with.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes well.  I have much more planned so my students don’t know whats coming.

Also I got hired so I am PSYCHED!  I can’t wait to be back home and start at my school!!  Maybe later I can update on everything but I wanted to at least write something about what’s going on here…

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